Post-Vasectomy Semen Test
You are not allowed to do any lifting for three days after your vasectomy.

You are not allowed sex for one week after your vasectomy.
On the day of your procedure you will be given 2 containers and a lab requisition.

Three months after your vasectomy (and no sooner) you need to collect a semen sample in one of those containers. Only one is needed. The second is to be used only if the sample needs to be repeated or something happens to the first sample.

The specimen needs to be taken to the Lab at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital (or other hospital lab, but no other labs will accept this). Please take the specimen to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Lab within 1 hr after collection. Keep it warm inside your pocket.

You do not need an appointment at the lab to take the sample in but you have to deliver it in person (you can not send it in with somebody else). The lab will only accept samples Monday-Friday from 8:00-14:00.

Results will be available within 1 week and you will be notified by our office. If you did not hear from our office within one week, then please give us a call.

After care instructions

After your vasectomy I recommend that you do not drive yourself home. Some guys may feel lightheaded and that would not be the best time to try and drive.

When you get home you need to go sit down for the remainder of the day and do nothing else

You will need to put some ice between your legs onto your scrotum a few times that day.
This helps to prevent bleeding and swelling.
I recommend to do this at least 3 times in that day and about 20 minutes each time.
You may do more if you feel you need to.
Most guys would put the ice onto their underwear rather than straight onto the skin. That way the ice will not burn the skin.

The local anesthetic agent I use is a long acting agent. The freezing can easily last about 6 hours. When the freezing wears off, it will feel like a bruise. And just like any other bruise, it will hurt if you do too much. Therefore, if you just sit and ice the area, you will find that you will most likely not need anything for pain.

I find that the majority of men find that they do not require anything for pain afterwards. If you do feel that you need something for pain, then usually Ibuprofen is the best thing.

Usually it is okay to use Ibuprofen AFTER the procedure, unless I told you that I do not want you to use it.

The Band-Aid needs to stay on for at least 24 hours. You need to also keep it dry for that time.
That means you are not allowed to shower or bath until 24 hours has passed. After the 24 hours, you may have a shower or bath and then remove the Band-Aid.
You then do not need to cover the wound with another Band-Aid, but you need to apply a thin layer of Polysporin ointment over the wound about once a day. This will ensure that the wound remains clean and will prevent infection.

The next three days:

For the next three days you are not allowed to do any lifting.

This is a very important step to prevent bleeding! So if you want to avoid having "big grapefruit nuts" then please listen to me and do not do any lifting for three days.

This includes kids, babies, cats, dogs, grocery bags. You are not allowed to lift anything heavier than the ice pack you are going to put between your legs.

In those three days, you are allowed to walk around a little and even drive your own car, but just don't do any lifting.

After those three days, you may gradually resume your regular activities.

Return to work:

On the fourth day after your procedure, you may start off with some "light duties" and gradually return to your normal activities. The first time you need to do some heavy lifting, you may want to ask somebody to help you lift and if you feel straining in your scrotum, you should back off.

If your employer is not able to provide light duties and you are required to do heavy lifting right away, then you may want to consider taking a full week off work.

Return to sports:

Most guys are back to all their normal activities within two weeks. For high activity sports like hockey and weight training, I recommend to wait a week before you try it.

You need to avoid sex for a week afterwards.

This is an important step to prevent bleeding. And remember that you will still need to use contraception until you have done your post-vasectomy semen test.

Wear good supportive underwear.

All guys do experience some pulling or heavy sensation in the scrotum which can last for up to a month afterwards and I find that if you wear good supportive underwear like a tight fitting boxer-brief, briefs or even a jockstrap, that it can significant help to prevent this sensation.
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