No-Needle Anesthesia
The opening in the skin is made in the midline, just a few centimeters under the base of the penis.
The Madaject device uses air pressure to spray the anesthetic under the skin and around the tube, thereby minimizing the discomfort of traditional freezing.

No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy

The No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy is different than the old vasectomy procedure where we used to make a big cut on each side of the scrotum.

Your vasectomy will be done in the office under local anesthetic (freezing).

Instead of using a needle-syringe injection like when you go to the dentist, we will use the Madaject Needleless device to provide you with local anesthetic.
This device use a special technique to spray the anesthetic medication through the skin without the use of a needle. In the process this will freeze up both the skin as well as the tubes.
As a result, it significantly reduces the discomfort you may feel from a typical local anesthetic.
It will feel like I snap you with my finger on your scrotum. I typically will give you a total of 6 snaps. Three on each side. All of the snaps fairly close to each other. The first snap feels maybe the most surprising, but then this will start working and the rest are usually not too bad.

This will freeze up an area the size of a Toonie. We do not need to freeze up all the genitalia.
You can still expect to feel some slight pulling and tugging and maybe a little bit of squeezing, but you will not feel any sharp pain sensation.

Then instead of making two large cuts in the scrotum like we did with the older vasectomy procedure, I will use a special vasectomy tool that will tear a tiny opening in the skin. The opening will just be about 3-4 mm in size.

I just make one opening, in the midline of the scrotum, just about 2-3 cm under the base of the penis. (see drawing)

Through this opening, I will then first bring out the one tube, clear away all the fascia layers around the tube and then I will remove a piece of the tube. Roughly 1 cm will be removed.
I will then use a heat cautery and cauterize the lumens (the insides) of the remaining tube ends. Following this I will apply surgical clips on both ends to ensure that the tubes remain closed.

These surgical clips are made of titanium and will remain in your scrotum for the rest of your life.

They are very small and you will not easily feel them in your scrotum, unless you are going to really look for them. In which case you will have to squeeze hard enough until it hurts. And I do not recommend to do this, but amazingly many guys do try this!

Both the tubes are done through the one opening in the skin and this opening is so small that afterwards the muscles will just contract around it and seals it off. NO STICHES WILL BE REQUIRED.

I will apply a Band-Aid and I will ask you to leave this Band-Aid on for 24 hours.

The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to perform.
I do book you in for an hour, because some guys do need some extra time for a variety of reasons.
Dr. Jomar Barnard
Tel: 250-545-2552